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15, vegetarian, yoga and punk rock; beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder

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incomplete list of things girls like:

  • homicide
  • double homicide
  • triple homicide hell yeah
  • witchcraft
  • lesbianism
  • human sacrifice
  • dead things
  • monsters
  • summoning satan

As a girl I can say this is 100% true

As a part time girl, I also concur.

As a former girl, I can agree with this

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my window sill is looking kinda cute 🌿

aw this got notes thank you i love you all 😊
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don’t you hate it when you offer help and the other person says yes

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my dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow

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i wanna date someone and live with them in a shitty apartment but be happy about it because we are happy together and we can decorate it with stupid dorky posters of shit we like and figurines and art and we can cook weird recipes we found on the internet and eat them and watch cartoons even if the food is gross because we made it and we’re perfect

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if you consider a woman
less pure after you’ve touched her
maybe you should take a look at your hands

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I will never not reblog this

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COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me

Scientifically and psychologically speaking, long periods of physical contact or just closeness stimulate chemicals in the brain that promote trust. If you’ve ever slept while cuddling somebody you just met, you know how incredibly comfortable you feel with them after you wake up, as if you’ve known each other for years. So yes, a long nap together is actually the ideal date if your goal is a relationship based on trust.

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y r white ppl obsessed with avocados 


idk wat ur talking about.

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The Kum and Go. Or as my mom called it, the ejaculate and evacuate.
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